Year: 2019

Busy bee paradox – explained

The reason why I am writing this article is an observation of mine around some office environments where working more is considered better than working efficiently. I tried to understand this phenomenon. From Lean perspective it is always flow what matters much , but, why still people insist on resource efficiency ? What are the things from real life making this hard to focus on flow efficiency ?

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Employee value

Understand value creation before you ask for a pay rise

Working with people I have realized that quite a majority of people does not really understand how business works. This is one of the reasons why they are always asking for salary rise or living in the wish of passive income. (Passive income is a myth , by the way) . Meanwhile I don’t say […]

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Are you scared to leave your corporate job ?

Recently I made this decision. Left my day job at senior management of top tier company of Azerbaijan, Azercell Telecom. Yes, I jumped off from plane with half parachute, while betting on building a parachute and a better realization of my wishes on the way. Why half parachute ? Since, did not left while accepting another offer, but, did it betting on myself and running for future.
It is true that this is not easy decision and I know that many more professional people still hesitate or scared of this decision. Writing this post I am looking forward to share my own experience and hoping to help those who are in transition or thinking seriously about next life challenge. I am still 1-2 weeks into the new transition stage, but, hopefully will share more over time to help people to make this transition much more successful.

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Why corporate MUST become digital ?

Yes, it is true. Half of the most successful US companies are now gone. Reason is digitalization wave , but, I’ll mention something more than the term itself. It is, the speed of realization of different world and adopting to it as quickly as possible. This is what is critical. To see, understand and adapt for changing environment for corporate benefit. Half of most successful companies in US could not make it. They are now out of big boys league.

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Corporate life

5 myths about corporate life

Thanks to my friends who motivated me again to consistently write my blog. Thank you dears ! I used to be a bit demotivated with the fact that there is low level of engagement in the business related subjects. You know it, it is much easier to get attention if you write about “not smart” […]

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Imran Baghirov

35 yaş və ya həyatın optimist 57ci faizi

Artıq bu bir adətə çevrilib. Hər il doğum günümdə özüm üçün bir xülasə yazıram. Bu xülasədə əsas məqsədim bu yaşımda öyrəndiklərim və gəldiyim nəticələrdir. Bunları sizlərlə də paylaşıram ki, bəlkə də kiməsə maraqlı olar və ya faydalı ola bilər. Kim bilir? Onsuz da biz insanlar bir birimizə çox bənzərik. Demək ki, düşüncələrimizdə də uzlaşmalar və […]

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