7 items of wisdom at 32 years

oday is the day of my birthday. 32 years passed and can feel myself in the middle of “Loading” bar. This is day, which I did not selected, but it is a common day when everyone around, on social sites congratulates me. I’m sure that you also have the similar situation, whereas you get congratulations from all around of your social network. By the way, I should mention that since I have left Facebook more than 1 year back, I started to get significantly less congratulations on occasions, in comparison to 300-400 while it was on FB. I don’t say that those 400 were fake, but, instead, you are not getting happier by number of congratulations but with level of internal satisfaction.

Of coz it is another reason to celebrate and have fun day, but still I’d like to share with you some experiences out of this mid-age level. Some of you are older than me, but still we have brothers and sisters younger than me. Around 53% of world population is younger than me, which makes around 4 billion people born after me. Impressive! (You can check your stats at www.population.io). So this post is dedicated to both younger and older ones, in wish that may be this post can be valuable at even minimum levels. I would be really happy if I can be valuable.

Before starting I’d like to thank to my father, very kind person Abdulahad Baghirov, who inspired me to write this post. I got touched by his letter, which we wrote to himself recently when he got 60 years old. A letter with full of stories: about the experiences, about the good and wrong things in life. Very impressing and teaching to the readers.

I could write the story of life, but, since it will be hard for you to read that all I’d like to switch directly to the experiences.

  1. Life is like acceleration and deceleration between 2 traffic lights in the city.By 25 years old I felt that time should move ahead quickly, but, then gradually felt that it should slow down. Unfortunately, time still runs at its constant speed. You have to make sure that you still wish to accelerate time even you are older, since, you want to see the results for your long-term goals. Have a long term inspiring targets and get there with small sprints of achievements in each of your years run.
  2. Community and relationships are everything. Nowadays it is easy to get angry with anyone and cut relationships with those ones. What I have seen from my experience is, even if you cut relationship it consumes more energy from you mentally in comparison to when they are your friends. So you can still prefer to keep a bit distance, but rather prefer having positive relationship with them. Also you must increase your positive talking ambassadors rather having negative ambassadors. Keep good relationships with everyone. Positive relationships get always-positive results, even do, some of your friends will argue that.
  3. You help a person, God helps you. This is formula, which I have tested in my life many times. You have to learn to help people. Most of the time helping just means to understand the person, putting your self in his/her shoes. This is enough, but, still many people fail it. Help not for public applause, but for a wish to please ultimate Creator of this person. Response will come unexpectedly and in far more levels.
  4. Let the fairness be your motto. I am believer and I believe to the Single God and all his orders including the Day of Justice. When we look to our world, you can find injustice everywhere, but if you read books you understand that this world is not world of ultimate justice. It is an exam time. Students, who don’t answer questions right, are being punished after the exam with low scores, never during the exam. Being fair is a though job with a lot of energy consumption, but it always worth it.  Make your decisions with maximum fairness, in the level at which you would like to be welcomed in this world and after life.
  5. Educate yourself to solve problems, not to become professor. Never and never work for title. It is proven that those titles has short lifetime. Instead, if you work to solve a global problem you might have more visibility and social status. Going to university and reading books just since teachers asked you for this is not wise. Have ultimate problem that you want to solve in the world and educate yourself towards to solve it.
  6. Spend more than 10% of your earnings on good deeds It is easy to hand out small money, but here is the trick. You should spend the amount that impacts your budget so that you also feel the difference. When you spend more on good deeds (helping poor, ill, kids and etc.) with significant amounts impacting your budget, you will get times more. It is a very good business with God. You give, you get much more.
  7. Be good to your family Family is not only our responsibility but also our chance to help ourselves. The good person is person who is also good to his/her family. Being good to family does not mean to spend more money, but instead, being caring and having warm environment to grow mentally healthy kids for future of your country and the world. Our families are given to us, they are not ours, and therefore, we should not behave in manner of ownership but more like a team management. A very core team of yourself. Team, which will mean your success of failure.

Those was main items from todays inspiration and I hope that even at minor level those could be helpful to the readers.

I’d love to discuss with you on those items so you can share your opinions both here and on my twitter account: @imranbaghirov

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